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Joy Printing Company, Ltd., founded in 1986, is a dynamic company with high-speed development and specializes in excellent printing products to provide complete prepress, printing and post press service. Since its establishment, Joy Printing is in an effort to meet the fullest demand of customers with professional equipment and remarkable technique. Aimed at providing customers commendable printing services, our company maintains to pour investment not only in extending equipment, services, quality control, research and development, but also in training up professional employees in domestic printing industry. As a part of Taiwan's printing companies, Joy Printing dedicates to raising our competitiveness in international printing market. Facing rapid variation of printing technology, Joy Printing keeps an eye on taking a portion of global printing industry and endeavors to offer our customers advanced printing technique and services, continually.

Precision is our Profession

Since our company established in 1986, we emphasize to obey operation principle of meeting customer service. Our company dedicates employees strive to make our customers' experience with Joy Printing go beyond satisfaction in high-speed printing, package printing, commercial printing, special printing and plastic card printing. In a bid to strengthen competitiveness and efficiency, Joy Printing continues to train highly skilled employees and set up latest equipments, including Four Colors Heidelberg, Five Colors KBA printing machine, prepress page makeup system and post press production lines. Over the past years, our strong commitment to quality of flawless color, service and technology has truly benefited our customers. In the near future, Joy Printing plans to strengthen development in local market and to forge ahead in globalization as well. As printing industry evolves, our company will continue to lead the way and to provide remarkable quality, complete service, efficient management solutions to meet customers changing needs and assist them to increase product's value through Joy Printing's services. Stepping forward new century, Joy Printing proceeds to achieve our commitment positively- “We care your needs,



1986 Joy Printing Company, founded by Mr. Chao-Hsiung Chen (President, Red & Blue Color Printing Co., Ltd), was incorporated by Shen's Art Printing Co., Red & Blue Printing Co., and the stockholders of Joy Printing Co.. In 1986, The Joy Printing Company pioneered in using Heidelberg Four Colors printing machine to provide low-volume and variety print and service. Mr. Yung-Lung Chen is the president


As the business grows, relocation to the United States and entrepreneur Chungho, Taipei County Industrial Park home.


Shen's Art Printing clearing holdings by Qiao Yu and red and shareholder capital to continue operations.


Business scope from the original small size printing, packaging and printing record, after gradually expanded to CD-R packaging, printing, posters, art cartons, DM, culture class printing and related processing production. We have introduced Heidelberg presses, KBA KBA presses, and the establishment of prepress and finishing departments page group to achieve consistent printing of Qiao Yu ideal job.


With quality being sure, accurate delivery time, and meet customer demand, in the industry to get the reputation and popularity. Ju octavo introduce full-size printer, prints can support the production of red and blue color art. The introduction of UV printing presses, open special printing market.


I began planning a new plant in Taoyuan Pingjhen


May move into a new building is completed. In cooperation with the first US Card Co., Ltd., the joint production of a prepaid card, IC card and other card production, towards many pioneering development.


Certainly by ISO 9002 certified.

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